Who we are

Businesses (i.e. what keeps us "busi - ness") are only as good as it's people including staff, Founders, customers & community!

Since 2005 Karma Waters is a family Founded & managed business in Hoi An & Danang, Vietnam and since 2013 in Hong Kong.  

We operate our Vegan Restaurants and Tours as a "commercially viable not-for-profit cooperative" where we are able to make profit but because we are vegans and our mission is to grow veganism through cooperative structure and sustainable community development. Therefore we do not take profit.

Our reason for being in business is that we are providing & promoting Sustainable Communities based on an organic healthy vegan lifestyle so human life can thrive on wonderous planet Earth ! 

The Founders and most of our employees are personnaly committed to a healthy organic vegan lifestyle and to provide and promote a healthy organic vegan for everyone.  The Founders follow the Five Buddhist Precepts which provides a spiritual path for life on this planet.

Nguyen Thi Anh Nguyen, Manager of Karma Waters Hoi An & Danang, is a Vietnam licensed Tour Guide, Danang University graduate in English as a Foreign Language and as a vegan loves working at Karma Waters restaurants in Vietnam! According to many of our customers Nguyen has the best smile in Hoi An & Danang!


Grace Nguyen, Co-Founder, is a mother, IT graduate and is our Master Vegan Chef who creates our vegan dishes and oversees all F&B.  Karma Waters is where Grace can showcase the best of Vietnam and her ideas of a healthy organic vegan family lifestyle!


Paul D. Tarrant, Ex-CoOwner, is a father, Mechanical Engineer, boat designer & builder & sailor with a passion for innovative Thrive technologies.  Paul created and manages Karma Waters Responsible Tourism.  Paul was raised since birth as a vegetarian and is now an organic vegan and has settled into a lifelong program of self-discovery, travel & sailing. Karma Waters was where Paul develops his ideas of sustainable communities.

Karma Waters is a leading small group Responsible Tour Operator providing substantial local community & environmental benefits operating in Central Vietnam since 2005.  Our Partners have included Netherlands Development Organization SNV, Quang Nam Province & local community Cooperatives.  2011 Karma Waters received NZAID funding for poverty alleviation in Bai Huong, Cu Lao Cham.


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