Vietnam Homestays with Karma Waters

Real authentic Homestay accommodation inside private homes of local Vietnamese Tourism Cooperative members

Tourism in Vietnam is about numbers and not quality nor sustainability.  

Cu Lao Cham is suffering badly from mass tourism - like the rest of Vietnam.  Despite what we have done - and still doing - we see little chance of any improvement for the benefits from tourism for the community or for the environment.  Therefore the ONLY Homestays we offer is the Bai Huong program we started in 2009.

By creating and participating in real & authentic Homestays we are seeking to provide and promote the development of increasingly Sustainable Communities.  A healthy organic vegan lifestyle supports this.  The issue in Vietnam remains the development of agriculture.  Vietnam is primarily an agricultural society.  Tourism needs to support community sustainability.  

Our customers are host family Guests staying inside private homes of Tourism Cooperative members.  

Participate with the Vietnamese people in their community lifes while staying as a Guest inside private homes in an unspoilt village in Vietnam in a way which maximizes your & their total benefits and provides benefits to the environment.  

Guests can participate with their host family in preparing & eating meals, local activities including harvesting food, etc.  

Volunteer at least 30 minutes each day to teach English etc. to your host family. 

Meet, see, feel & learn direct from the communities about Vietnam - the people, community, religion, heritage, culture, environment, etc. 

Community Homestay IS NOT about false smiles for an unreal & hyped experience based on a business model of greed.  

If you are open then Homestay IS real & simple - it is "in your face" and sometimes difficult because finally it is YOU that you & others are experiencing!  you are then participating in the community.

Living as a responsible "humane being" as part of an increasingly sustainable community on this planet is something everyone needs to learn & do.  

Karma Waters is responsible for it's actions, benefits the local community & the environment.

Please support local communities & their environment and always request authentic Responsible Tourism !