Vegan Cooking Classes in Vietnam

Our Philosophy is to provide & promote a healthy vegan lifestyle

Karma Waters Vegan Cooking Classes are a chance to get as much knowledge and experience you needed to live a healthy organic vegan lifestyle ! we teach Vietnamese, International & Indian cuisines.

In our classes there are no hidden ingredients methods or other secrets - we need more vegans on this planet ! the "secret" is to put love into everything we do.

We have helped turned some of our non-veg*n customers into vegans.

We teach all vegan cooking classes under an Open Source ┬ęKarma Waters Creative Commons license which is free of charge for home use and requires all commercial users to identify themselves and pay our commercial licensing fee.



We have extensive experience in the unique needs of healthy organic vegan customers:

  • Gluten free baking of muffins, bread, cakes, pizza base, pies, etc. 
  • Desserts including ice cream, raw vegan cakes, chocolate, etc.
  • Vegan cuisine including Chinese, Indian, International & Vietnamese
  • Vegan cooking classes
  • Preparing F&B for special dietary needs 

We have extensive experience in the design, layout & operations of hospitality for vegan customers.

We provide Chef training courses for Vegan Chefs.

Please contact us with your enquiry!