Our Policies & Customer Relations

Our organic vegan lifestyle & personal principles including Five Precepts is what drives our business - not the other way around!   We treat our customers in the same way as we like to be treated with trust & respect! 

Refund Policy for Karma Waters Food & Beverages

We 100% guarantee our F&B!  If Karma Waters dining & takeaway Customers are not 100% satisfied with our F&B we will refund the full amount of the dish(es) minus the portion consumed or our Customer may choose another dish(es).  Full refunds are available on a case by case basis solely at Karma Waters discretion. 


Children Tour Rates Policy for Karma Waters
Rates published are for Adults.  Children under age of twelve years (12) the rate is 50% discounted.  Infants and young children are free.  
Tour Confirmed Booking, Cancellation & Refund Policy for Karma Waters

Deposit of 50% is required for a Karma Waters Confirmed Booking with full payment received to our account at the latest 3 days before Tour start.   

Once a customer has confirmed a date & time with Karma Waters if our customer cancels 7 days or later prior to your scheduled departure then the customer will be able to reschedule with Karma Waters or receive a full refund.  

If cancellation is made by our customer less than 7 days prior to your scheduled departure we will refund the total amount minus maximum 15% for our Administration costs.  

Full refunds are available on a case by case basis solely at Karma Waters discretion. 

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule at short notce according to weather and other Tour conditions.

Direct Customer Relations

  • We started Karma Waters Hoi An restaurant and tours in 2005! we have experience & local knowledge
  • We are Western foreign owned & managed and have been creating our restaurant & tours based on helathy organic vegan lifestyle & personal principles and what we enjoy as tourists & foreigners!
  • The key to high quality customer service is our understanding and relationship with our customers !  We prefer to work directly with the Customer to understand and meet their needs.  
  • We have no Agents! please come direct to Karma Waters to make bookings and payments because we pay NO commissions or margins to any Agents.  In Vietnam many Tour Operators and Guides work only for their personal interests which is often based on generating their personal incomes and so they do not meet the needs of their Customers!
  • The MOST important in Vietnam and MOST difficult to find is good, honest & reliable Guides who speak English and who are able to make the customers's experiences meaningful and valuable !  we believe we have excellent Guides !
  • We provide high quality customized small group Homestays & tours - we do not want large numbers of customers - we want our customers to have the experiences they need and in return we want a sustainable business!
  • All ages of healthy & active Customers are catered for - we cater for dietary or other special needs !
  • We provide general information & can provide customized in-depth educational programs including vegan cooking classes, Champa history, etc.
  • We follow our Homestay & Tour Descriptions
  • Customers are responsible for their own insurance coverage
  • Any needs, comments, suggestions or complaints please contact the Co-Founders Nguyen Thi Bao Duyen & Paul Dennis Tarrant - we appreciate feedback because this is the only way we can improve !

Homestay & Tour Policies

  • On Homestay please respect the environment, villages & people.  As a Guest you will be staying in a private home so please be responsible & participate in the community.  If you can not do this & more then please do not join our Homestay because you will not be providing mutual benefits for everyone!
  • Please protect the environment!  please do not use plastics, please dispose of litter correctly, recycle wherever possible, do not damage the environment!
  • The best way to reduce global warming is choosing an organic vegan diet!  To protect the fragile and protected marine environment on Cham islands Homestays please do not eat local seafood - instead of killing & eating the fish please enjoy swimming & snorkeling amongst them!
  • NO fishing is permitted on our tours or from our boats or kayaks!
  • We are reducing our pollution footprint by reducing our impact & pollution levels - please participate in hiking, cycling, kayaking, snorkeling and other lower impact & low pollution activities!  
  • We do NOT stop along the route to go shopping & we do NOT extract commissions from shops, restaurants, hotels or other businesses for Customers purchases made on our tours!  (n.b. this is common practice in Vietnam!)
  • All food catered on Karma Waters Tours is healthy organic vegan (100% vegetarian) and included in our Tour price
  • For each Tour we advise some personal items which the Customer should provide
  • Tour price includes everything in the Tour Description - there are no extra charges! We provide all equipment as per Tour or activity Description
  • No discounts! we already provide Tours at our lowest price and highest value.  If you want to bargain please go visit the local market!
  • Same price for everyone! No discounts for Vietnamese & inflated prices for foreign tourists!
  • All Customers agree and sign a legal disclaimer not holding Karma Waters and our transportation parent company Tara Co. Ltd. responsible in case of accident, injury or death.
  • If you choose to tip our employees please give all tips to the Karma Waters Manager or Cashier because our policy is that all tips are shared equally between all Karma Waters employees (Founders receive no tips!).
  • We reserve the sole right, with partial refund, to request customers to stop any Homestay, Tour, activity or rental if we feel it is unsuitable to continue.
  • Any needs, comments, suggestions or complaints please directly contact the Founders Nguyen Thi Bao Duyen & Paul Dennis Tarrant.