Our Vegan Restaurants

The Founders are organic vegans - as a young family living in Hoi An we needed somewhere to eat healthy organic vegan food & beverages so in 2005 we openned Karma Waters !  

We operate our Vegan Restaurants & Tours as a "commercially viable not-for-profit cooperative" where we are able to make profit but because we are vegans and our mission is to grow veganism through cooperative structure and sustainable community development. Therefore we do not take profit.
The Owners and most staff are 100% organic vegans.  NO dairy products, no meat, no fish or eggs are cooked or available on our premises.   It is difficult to be 100% sure what we purchase in Vietnam (which has no Organic Certification) is organic & non-GMO so we purchase most of our vegetables from Tra Que organic vegetable village.

Our Policies & Guarantees:

  1. Based on Five Precepts we are sharing Karma and earning Merit in positive ways and all aspects of our business and customer service reflects this
  2. If a customer to our restaurants is not 100% satisfied with our food & beverages please contact our staff and we will arrange a refund for the part that has not been consumed or we offer other choices of F&B
  3. If a customer on a Tour of purchasing other products & services is not 100% satisfied with out products & services please contact us and we will arrange a refund or alternative choice

Karma Waters restaurants in Vietnam:

  • Dining 25 seats Hoi An, 40 seats Danang
  • Delivery & takeout
  • Join our vegan cooking class
  • Open daily
  • Free WiFi 
  • Group set meals & catering available
  • Reservations not needed (exception is Cooking Class or groups 8+)

Karma Waters serves local Vietnamese, Indian & International dishes which are fresh, healthy vegan food in large portions at reasonable prices :

  • Most customers dining alone order only one dish (our portions are large); a couple dining together normally order only three dishes
  • Food prepared WITHOUT MSG or refined sugar !

  • We prepare healthy fruit juices & shakes WITHOUT refined sugar

  • Menu dishes are prepared fresh when ordered

  • Red rice is available and served wherever possible !  White rice is refined and is a major cause of Diabetes in SE Asia! 

  • Menu dishes for customers are cooked with a small quantity of salt, ginger, garlic, onion & chilis to customers request

  • The Vietnamese Buddhist strict vegetarian diet is vegan and does not use onions, garlic, ginger or leeks - our customers can choose if they want these ingredients

  • Our policy is that all tips are shared equally between all Karma Waters employees - Owners receive no tips.  Staff thank you for tipping appropriately

If a customer wants our vegan cooking class please schedule time & date, order your dish(s) and join in the preparation, cooking and eating !  Normally best times to start cooking class is either 10 am so eating by 12 noon, or 4 pm eating at 6 pm. 

Alcohol is NOT served at Karma Waters.  

Smoking is NOT permitted at Karma Waters.

No lottery touts or other hawkers are allowed to enter or sell their wares.

We operate a neat & clean open style vegan kitchen - our customers can see how we prepare dishes.  

Four days each month (1st, 14th, 15th & last day of the lunar calendar) many Vietnamese Buddhists are "vegetarians" - this is where the imitation meat & seafood made from tofu comes into the Vietnamese cuisine.  

We can prepare special vegan meals & drinks - please enquire !

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Gallery of Karma Waters Danang vegan restaurant