Creating Sustainable Communities

Life must be sustainable for our planet

Some major issues facing our living planet includes:

  1. Global Climate Change (or Global Warming) is man made.  There are simply too many humans on our planet using too many resources in which humans destroy and pollute.  Behind GCC lies the "man-biosphere" relationship which is at the core of our economies, politics, etc.
  2. In 2012 world human population reached 7 billion and projected to be 10 billion by 2050.  Biodiversity and animal life is in great threat with as many as one third of animal species threatened by extinction.  WWF reported a few years ago that our living planet for the first time is unable to annually renew itself.  Either we change our man-biosphere relationship or to survive the living planet must make changes which could be a reduction in the number of humans
  3. Fossil fuel explotation may now be peaking.  The last 150 years of human existance on our planet have been fueled (and polluted) by "cheap" oil and mechanization


The solutions are complex but we believe that fundamentally we humans need to take personal responsibility for living more sustainable lives, families and communities. 


Our Philosophy is to promote & provide a healthy organic vegan diet which significantly reduces your pollution footprint as the major personal step towards living a more sustainable lifestyle!  UN Agencies have the same viewpoint - see our webpage Organic Vegan = Green.


At Karma Waters we are creating a positive change in "man-biosphere" relationship by creating local Sustainable Communities:

  • Providing and promoting our organic vegan restaurants
  • Cooking classes are available at our restaurants or free of charge online
  • Requesting our customers to choose Responsible Tourism supporting substantial benefits for communities & the environment, a vegan diet on our tours & homestays and choosing low pollution options such as hiking, kayaking, cycling, etc.


At Karma Waters we have a proven track record since 2008 of developing Community Based Tourism (CBT) Responsible Tourism programs.  We created the Cham Islands Homestays based on Bai Huong village owned Tourism Cooperative.  


In 2011 we created our strategy for Sustainable Community Development of My Son (My Son includes UNESCO WHS My Son Sanctuary complex of Cham temples). In our Strategy we focused on development of organic agriculture as the primary income and production supported by sustainable tourism.  


We have moved on from a focus on Sustainable Tourism/ Responsible Tourism and we are now focused on the man-biosphere relationship which is the organic vegan diet highlighted by UN Agencies as being the optimum solution to sustain human life on our living planet.  


Development of Sustainable Communities which supports life on this Planet is our focus.  


We are seeking participation with others to develop Sustainable Communities. We have been self funded and in 2010 NZ AID provided funding for Bai Huong.  


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We are seeking donations and funding to continue to develop Sustainable Communities.

Please contact us with your enquiries !