Karma Waters Pending Meal (Pay it Forward) Program

Your change helps us feed vegan meals to the underpriviledged.

How amazing does it feel to help someone in need? However, helping someone in need is not always as easy as it sounds, and many of us cannot afford ongoing payments, or do not have the time to constantly be looking for charities to support.

Today, probably more than 800 million people in the world do not have enough food to sustain a healthy life. What if helping the hungry was a whole lot simpler than once a month payments, and charity research. What if you could literally just feed the hungry every day, yourself! This means that no money is used for the company, your entire donation goes to feeding the hungry.

We first heard of ‘Pending Meals’ in a blog post from 2013 - ~ My Name Is Eric Longstreet. I'm a Criminal Justice Student. I'm very interested in this concept of donating to help the needy eat a nice meal every once in a while. The idea stems from the Pending Coffee idea that was started in Naples, Italy. I truly want to see this grow by working with these restaurants and make this concept rewarding for all. ~

Our Karma Waters Vegan Pending Meal Program initiative delivers low cost meals to low income people families in Danang City.

With this program, funds collected in the Karma Waters restaurants' collection box are used specifically to help the pay for the pending (pay it forward) meal program. People donate in the restaurant and together with your help, volunteers and the financial help of the Danang Football Team, we can continue to serve 300 meals twice a month on the 1st and the 15th to low income people.

Please consider how many people there are living in poverty that cannot afford this little amount of money to fulfill their basic human right of eating. This extra cost will be hardly noticeable, but will make a huge difference to someone. Let’s do our part, as individuals, to make a difference in this world, by feeding poverty stricken people with glorious, wholesome vegan food.

With your help, Karma Waters charity program can expand this program and help more underserved people. Check out our photos below so you can see the impact this program has on the children and adults in Vietnam.

Any size Donation helps us feed more people and is greatly appreciated.

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Video of Karma Waters Pending Meal (Pay it Forward)


Gallery of Karma Waters Charitable Vegan Pending Meals